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I am a Certified Infant Massage Instructor and a member of the International Association of Infant Massage.

The comprehensive IAIM baby massage curriculum covers touch, movement, relaxation, interaction and communication.

The course draws from both the Indian and Swedish massage traditions as well as incorporating principles from Yoga and Reflexology. 

It teaches a progression of rhythmic strokes and holds to soothe, relax and promote wellbeing as well as a specific routine for the relief of wind, colic and constipation.
Just Baby Massage offers baby massage courses for babies from 6 weeks of age until crawling.

Covering Bracknell Forest and surrounding areas.

The course of 5 sessions will give you all the skills you need to massage your own baby, so your baby gently learns to be massaged as well as letting you steadily build up the routine to cover the whole body. Lasting approximately 60 minutes dependant on the needs of the group.

You are provided with oil to massage your baby and handouts at the end of each session, covering the strokes taught.

Only you will massage your baby whilst I demonstrate on a doll for you to follow and practice developing the communication between you and your baby.


Helen provides a calm, relaxing class for both parent and baby to bond. Never watching the clock and always happy to stay longer to ensure we were confident in the techniques we had learnt, meant we could feel comfortable taking time out of the session to feed or cuddle the babies, which Helen encouraged! Focusing on a different area of the body each week allows you to practice between classes, so by the final class I felt confident putting it all together!


Helen’s baby massage classes were as good for the me as they were for my son. They were a fun, social session but incredibly calming too. Helen was thorough in her teaching, kind and caring in her approach and I left knowing I would use the skills for a long time.  The massage skills learnt have already been very useful and so have many of Helen’s words of wisdom been too. I would highly recommend any new parent to take this course.


This course was fantastic! Oliver and I thoroughly enjoyed it from start to finish. It was lovely to be able to have some special one on one time with my son being taught by Helen who is a brilliant teacher and very knowledgeable and friendly. Each class was taught in a very clear and calming way and nothing was too much trouble for Helen. Oliver loved being massaged and I found the classes nice and relaxing myself! She made us both feel very much at ease.
I will miss the class each week but I have taken away so much from the course and to have the handouts so my husband and I can easily refer back to all the techniques is extremely helpful.
I would definitely recommend this course to anyone wanting to do a baby massage course in the future. Thank you so much again Helen.


As a first time Mum, it’s hard to know what classes to do with your new baby. 
I booked a course with Helen at just baby massage and I have to say it was the best thing I’ve ever done. 
I found the whole experience relaxing for both of us and Helen made me feel so comfortable and was lovely to talk to about life as a new Mum. 
Helen also made us very welcome in her own home due to our group being so small but I would say that made the experience even better. 
I would definitely recommend Just Baby Massage. 
Thank you so much. 


I am so pleased that I signed up with just baby massage, Helen is a fabulous instructor, very knowledgeable and personable. Both my son and I instantly felt calm and relaxed with Helen. The course was well paced and Helen explained and demonstrated everything in a clear way. I do believe that this has definitely strengthened my bond with my son and I highly recommend Helen and Just Baby Massage.


We really enjoyed our Just Baby Massage course, and appreciated the flexibility and privacy afforded by having the course in our own home. Helen is a calming presence to have around, and always took the time to help relax both us (with breathing exercises before each class) and our baby (with soothing words, music, and a very easygoing attitude towards the sometimes frequent interruptions for cuddling or feeding). We were pleased to find the course wasn’t just about learning massage techniques for our baby - which we have successfully incorporated into his bedtime routine - but that it was also about learning to listen to his needs and use touch to nurture and soothe him as he grows and develops throughout his life. 

Julia & Simon

Harvey started baby massage at 12 weeks and it was a wonderful experience for the both of us. Helen made the class very relaxing and informative and the practical nature of the class meant Harvey always came away from the massage relaxed. I have since incorporated the techniques learnt into a daily routine. He absolutely loves it and it gives us a lovely bonding time together! One of my absolute favourite baby classes so far! 


I have just completed Helen's 5 week course and highly recommend! Very relaxed, informative and fun. George absolutely loved the classes and continues to enjoy his massages after bath time! 


"I did a 5 week course of baby massage with my 3 month old and we really enjoyed the class. It was a lovely relaxing session and we learnt techniques which we have incorporated into our bedtime routine, I would definitely recommend this class!"

Thanks for all your teaching!


I loved Just Baby Massage with Helen. We booked a 5 week course and she came to our house for one on one tutoring with our baby boy. She taught us the massage and provides us with hand outs of the routines and even gave us oil! We really looked forward to Thursdays when she would come. Our son had colic and Helen even showed us a colic routine that really helped him. Each week we learnt a different massage and between the classes we gave him a massage and it was a wonderful way to bond with our baby. Our son was 5 weeks when we began and of course sometimes it’s hard to gauge how your baby will be but Helen offered to do extra sessions if Casey was asleep or restless. She truly was fantastic and has taught us some skills we will continue to use throughout our child’s life. 

From Emerson - it was great to get such a close connection to my son through massage. I learnt some valuable life skills that I will use throughout my sons life. I enjoyed taking part as a family and Helen was amazing. 

Caroline and Emerson

Just Baby Massage one on one with Helen, was the perfect accompaniment to my first few months of motherhood.  I was able to learn the basics of giving a full body massage on my baby while  developing a greater understanding of the benefits and ethos of baby massage. It has helped with my confidence of being a first time mother and I love how easy it has been to blend into our daily routine, especially, at bedtime to help soothe and relax my baby.

I enjoyed completing the course immensely and choosing the one on one option made it even more comfortable as I was in the comfort of my home and was able to fully relax while doing baby massage. It has been a wonderfully nurturing experience and one I will miss greatly, however, the best part is I can continue to use baby massage for many years to come.

Thank you very much Helen – it has been real pleasure getting to know you and learning all about Just Baby Massage.

The course was a wonderful experience to learn the basics of baby massage and I would recommend it to any mother looking for a way of bonding with their baby as well as doing an activity with so many positive and beneficial effects, both for baby and mummy.

I have incorporated a gentle leg massage into our evening routine for about 4 weeks now and I believe he enjoys it! 

I am going to start a daytime massage of his arms and stomach and see how we get on.

Thank you also for all the hand outs, these will be very useful in the future!


Helen ran her massage course at the house of a friend of mine and I attended with my NCT group. She created a very calm and relaxing atmosphere. There was no difficulty when the babies needed feeding, comforting or just didn't fancy a massage that day! Helen made sure she went over anything that I might have missed due to tending to my daughter and we went home with excellent handouts after each class. They were very easy to follow when I was at home.
I would highly recommend her course as a lovely, bonding activity for parents and babies.


I attended baby massage with my little girl and we both really enjoyed it. Helen is a great teacher, very thorough, calm and clear so you feel really relaxed (even when your little one might not be playing ball)!

I missed 1 class and Helen was kind enough to spend some time with me to recap what I had missed to make sure I still learnt everything!